Mississippi's future relies on the success of our public schools.

Today, almost all schools, community organizations and businesses are seeking innovative, effective and sustainable ways to have a positive impact on their local education system and students. Education partnerships have been the most common vehicle for community involvement in education. Partnerships bring a multitude of positive benefits to support a united goal: To improve  academic, social and postsecondary outcomes for youth.

During MAPE training sessions, presenters with extensive experience provide instruction on how to initiate successful new partnerships or strengthen established partnerships. The agenda usually includes these highlights:

  • MAPE Overview
  • What's In It for Businesses and Communities?
  • Highlights of Award-Winning Partnerships
  • Mini Boot Camp on How to Establish and/or Strengthen Partnerships
  • What's In It for Schools?

Who should attend? Chambers of commerce leadership and education committees, business and community leaders, community college and university and college administrators, K-12 teachers, parents, and all those interested in school-community partnerships.