Dr. Clyde Muse

 Dr. Clyde Muse, president of Hinds Community College, received the 2015 Valley Services Winter-Reed Partnership Award during a tribute luncheon Sept. 1 at the Clyde Muse Center in Pearl.
    With six decades of service to public education in Mississippi, Dr. Muse's name is synonymous with the state's community college movement. He has played a key role in virtually every milestone in the development of public policy that has benefited students and communities served by Mississippi’s two-year colleges.
    "Dr. Muse has been a strong leader for Hinds Community College and an effective advocate for improved public education in Mississippi," said Dr. Suzanne Bean, president of MAPE. "He has helped guide legislation that removed barriers and created opportunities for community college students across the state. He also has been a champion for many underserved, first-generation college students and continues to work tirelessly with community leaders to increase access to quality, affordable higher education for all Mississippians."