Rep. Robert Clark, Andy Mullins, Dick Molpus, John Henegan and David Crews

The third Winter-Reed Award was presented to former member of the House of Representatives and Education Chair Robert Clark and the “Boys of Spring” -- Andy Mullins, Dick Molpus, John Henegan and David Crews, a group of young staffers who, along with Gov. William Winter, Jack Reed Sr. and Rep. Clark, took a stand for improved public education.
When Mississippi was the only state in the nation that did not offer public kindergarten, this is the team that engineered the now historical Education Reform Act of 1982, also known as "The Christmas Miracle of 1982." It is still considered the most significant educational legislation enacted in Mississippi since the establishment of the public school system.
Their work with Gov. Winter was chronicled in a Southern Documentary Project film, "The Toughest Job: William Winter's Mississippi," released in 2014. Today, these individuals continue in various ways to promote and enhance Mississippi.