Let's Talk Education

MAPE has served as a statewide network of educators and community partners since 1984. MAPE is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization committed solely to providing training and materials to help build local support for the success of all students.


  • Networking through membership and regional meetings.
  • Partnership training through our State Conference, Partnership Curriculum and site-based consulting.
  • Newsletters, program guidelines, and best practices (see Partnership Spotlight).
  • Awards and recognition through the Governor’s Awards for Outstanding School Community Partnerships and the Winter-Reed Partnership Award.

School Partnerships Make Positive Impact

Partnership success stories from across Mississippi prove that stronger schools build stronger communities. We invite you to learn more about MAPE’s 30-year legacy of supporting school-community partnerships to improve public education, student achievement, graduation rates, college attendance, economic development, quality of life, and much more. Check out MAPE’s brochure and please share it in your community.