Grenada School District and The Bower Foundation, Mississippi Department of Education - Expansion of the Move to Learn physical activity program for PreK-6 classrooms

Students impacted: 2,105
Duration of partnership: 10 years

The Bower Foundation and the Mississippi Department of Education launched Move to Learn in 2012 to help teachers incorporate physical activity into lesson plans. Teachers throughout Mississippi have noticed an increase in students’ ability to learn and to focus on their work after using fitness breaks in the classroom. Fitness breaks are also an effective classroom management tool that improves student behavior. 

Last year, Grenada Elementary students participated in the production of ten new Move to Learn videos for teachers throughout Mississippi to use in their classrooms. The Grenada district has played an integral role in promoting healthy school environments in Mississippi over the last decade. In 2005, it was one of ten districts awarded the John D. Bower School Health Network Grant to implement the Coordinated School Health Program.

• Exercise videos for grades PreK-6
• Healthy lesson plans for teachers
• “Brain breaks” are well-planned, progressive film exercises
• Exercises reviewed and analyzed by Delta State University’s Health and Physical Education and Recreation Department
• Helps schools achieve required 150 minutes of physical activity per week
• “Red carpet” premiere of Move to Learn videos 

• Students who participate in Move To Learn remain on task longer
• Students' time on task improved by 9% compared to control group
• Move to Learn website: 492,355+ visits, with 954,427 exercise videos views