Hattiesburg STEAM Academy (2023)

Our partnerships here at Hattiesburg STEAM Academy are an essential element to performing our mission and meeting our vision and goals. We are Hattiesburg Public School District’s sixth grade-only school, which incorporates and emphasizes the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. A part of our mission is to incorporate more activities that will engage our students with more of what makes our school unique, STEAM. Thankfully we have been able to do this with the help of some of our partnerships. Because of our partners we have been able to take students on field trips and host guest speakers, which have exposed our students to more STEAM related material.
Another part of our mission here at the STEAM Academy is to provide a positive school climate for all of our stakeholders. We want to help maintain teacher and student buy-in, as well as feelings of worth and importance to increase both teacher and student attendance. We also like to reward positive behavior. In order to be effective, our school has partnered with community businesses and organizations to help amp up our PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) to provide attendance and behavior incentives to help support a positive learning environment. We are thankful for our partners for donating to our PBIS events and volunteering their time, for we have been able to successfully host many events and provide many incentives. Additionally, we have had various partners who have donated items to meet students needs, such as backpacks, uniforms, food, snacks, sanitary items, etc. Meeting students’ needs at school can create a better environment for teachers to teach and students to learn. Teacher and student attendance has been proven to correlate with student academic success and proficiency. We feel that our community partners’ involvement and donations have been instrumental in increasing the attendance of both students and teachers.