Hawkins Elementary School - Pandemic Partnership Response

The Neighbors @ Hawkins program is a community-rooted endeavor created by Ekklesia of Hattiesburg Ministries. Ekklesia is an extremely intentional, active, living presence within the community that has partnered with Hawkins Elementary School in an effort to improve student success. By coordinating community volunteers to effectively serve at Hawkins Elementary School, Ekklesia has made an investment in the futures of students, within the school, as well as, engaged in activities to bring about change. The Neighbors @ Hawkins program is committed to serving children, within the community, that are living in circumstances that are detrimental and in need of intensive interventions. The mission of Neighbors @ Hawkins is simple:

  1. Assist with the administration of quality education to all students at Hawkins Elementary School, by providing direct tutoring, effective volunteering and connecting financial resources to the needs of teachers in the classroom.
  2. Build self-esteem by mentoring, interacting with students and exposing students to new opportunities through extra-curricular activities (arts, sports, agriculture, summer camp, etc.)
  3. Expand the personal vision of students for themselves, their community and the world around them (summer programs that educate about future career opportunities and the value of serving in their community).

The Neighbors @ Hawkins program has provided a full-time Program Coordinator to work at Hawkins Elementary School. This individual coordinates volunteer efforts and serves as a connection between the school and community partnership/agency.

Hands-On Hawkins is an addition organization within Ekklesia that encompasses individuals that work on projects throughout our school. Many of these projects help to revitalize and improve the appearance, atmosphere, and overall environment and the culture of the school for all.

St. Paul Methodist church is dedicated to helping the community through volunteerism, charity, relief, offerings, and philanthropy. St. Paul has advanced Hawkins Elementary School by bestowing gifts of change granted through the following contributions. St. Paul Methodist Church has been dedicated to the mission of supporting the following endeavors:

  • The H.E.S. Back-Pack Buddies Program.
  • The National Red Ribbon Week Initiative-Specifically The H.E.S. “Scouting for Treats” Event
  • The “Holidays @ Hawkins” Christmas Luncheon for Staff Members
  • The H.E.S. Annual Earth Day Celebration
  • The H.E.S. Annual Teacher Appreciation Week Luncheon

Community Partners:
Neighbors @ Hawkins (A partnership through Ekklesia Ministries), Hands-On Hawkins (A partnership through Ekklesia), Saint Paul Minustries