Hawkins Elementary School (2023)

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Henry Ford

Hawkins's community partnership project mission is to build relationships between all stakeholders (community, students, faculty, and parent) by fostering opportunities for collaboration throughout the school year. Project partners are an extremely intentional, active, living presence within Hawkins Elementary School to improve student and teacher success. The mission is simple yet profound:
Assist with the administration of quality education to all students at Hawkins, by providing direct tutoring, effective volunteering, and connecting financial resources to the needs of teachers in the classroom.
Build self-esteem by mentoring, interacting with students, and exposing students to new opportunities through extra-curricular activities (arts, sports, agriculture, summer camp). Increased self-esteem fosters positive relationships and behavior among staff and students.
Expand the personal vision of students for themselves, their community, and the world around them (Career partner presentations and summer programs that educate about future career opportunities and the value of serving in their community).
Community partners have advanced Hawkins Elementary School by bestowing gifts of change. Hawkins project community focuses on advancing the whole person (child/teacher). Serving through volunteerism, charity, relief, offerings, and philanthropy assist in making these advancements happen . Hawkins community partners invest in the futures of Hawkins by engaging in activities to bring about change. Hawkins partners dedication to the mission of supporting countless endeavors. Below are a few:
Provided a full-time Program Coordinator to work at Hawkins Elementary School (This individual coordinates volunteer efforts and serves as a connection between the school and community partnership/agency.)
The H.E.S. Back-Pack Buddies Program.
The National Red Ribbon Week Initiative-Specifically The H.E.S. “Boo” for Books”- Positive Behavior Incentive Support Event
The “Hallmark @ Hawkins” Thanksgiving (week long affirmation through cards/gifts/luncheon/etc) for Staff Members
The “Holidays @ Hawkins” Christmas (week long affirmation through cards/gifts/luncheon/etc) for Staff Members
The H.E.S. Annual Earth Day Celebration
The H.E.S. Annual Teacher Appreciation (week long affirmation through cards/gifts/luncheon/etc)
GURU Book Club
Performance Art Program
Monthly Career Education and Presentations
Carpool Tags
Happy Healthy- Yearly On-Going Healthy Living Education Lesson
Read Across America-Volunteer Readers
Teacher of the Month Gifts (PBIS)
Sponsor Each Nine Weeks Honor Roll Celebration
I-Ready Highest Scores andGrowth Teacher Awards-Gifts
Sponsor I-Ready Proficiency and Typical Growth Celebration
Sponsor/ Volunteer for Egg-Apalooza (PBIS)