Heidelberg High School (East Jasper School District) and Jasper County Sheriff's Department, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency

Students impacted: 21
Volunteers: 15
Duration of partnership: 1 year

Last year, the East Jasper School District partnered with the Sheriff's Department, FEMA and MEMA to provide disaster-relief training and certification for administrators, deputies, town and county officials, and law and public safety students at Heidelberg High. The top priority for this initiative was to equip local youth with knowledge and abilities to enhance community awareness and safety during emergencies.

Through a series of exams, all participants became certified and received certificates of completion for courses taken through the Emergency Management Institution. They were also issued a Student Identification Number that uniquely identifies certified individuals throughout FEMA. This training ensures that students are prepared for any type of disaster, whether natural or man-made, and gives them the tools and training to manage emergency situations whether at home, at school, or in the community.

• MEMA training was facilitated by Officer Jesse Murphree; all participants completed two four-hour training courses followed by an examination during two eight-hour days.

• A total of 21 East Jasper School District students attended training, with 100% achieving FEMA/MEMA certification