Lanier High School (Jackson Public Schools)

Lanier High School (Jackson Public School District) with Lanier High School National Alumni Association (LHSNAA). Funding, supporting, and providing resources for academic success and college readiness.

Lanier High School National Alumni Association (LHSNAA) was created by a group of Lanier High School graduates committed to the academic excellence of the next generation. The non-profit organization was established to supports the academic, social, and economic needs of Lanier High School students and parents. Their partnership project is divided into three categories: Academic/College Readiness, Service/Family Engagement and Extracurricular Activities. Some of the projects include: Establishment of scholarship fund to offset costs encountered when students transition from high school to a post-graduation route; Bulldog License Plate Program as an ongoing funding source;  Bulldog Clothes Closet for students; transportation for students to tour Hinds Community College; support for students who need preparation for the ACT; incentives and rewards for teachers and staff; test monitoring; funding to assist sports teams and the choir with uniforms; assist the Health Academy scholars with scrubs and lab coats; and annual cleanup event for students and alumni to collaborate to beautify the campus and surrounding neighborhood. In order to implement their projects, the Lanier Alumni partnered with numerous community organizations and businesses.