N.R. Burger Middle School - Pandemic Partnership Response

N.R. Burger Middle School (Hattiesburg Public Schools) with Alpha Phi Alpha, Church at 4 Points, Iota Kappa Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Hattiesburg Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Hattiesburg Retired Educators, Hattiesburg Ruff Ryders, House of the Lord Church, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc, Parents are Wonderful Supporters (P.A.W.S.), Lambda Kappa Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Rare Edition Greek Gifts, and Target. Recognizing the benefits of working with their community, the school worked to fulfill one of our district’s five goals is Family and Community Engagement.

N.R. Burger Middle School is a dynamic learning community that promotes college and career ready students who are prepared to succeed in a diverse, global society. As educators, the work we do to prepare our students can be quite fulfilling and rewarding. However, this preparation process can also be relatively challenging. One challenge is the constant change to what has been known as a traditional family unit and its dynamics. Across America, there has been an increase in single-parent households and children being
raised by their grandparents. In addition, an uptick in violence and drug use has led to some undesirable family environments. Also, as educators, we must acknowledge and understand that there are many parents and guardians who have the desire to become involved at their child’s school, but because of strict work schedules and work hours, their participation is limited or nonexistent.

Hattiesburg Public Schools has seen the negative effects of these societal changes. As a result, we have embraced the African proverb, “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.” Recognizing the benefits of working with our community, one of our district’s five goals is Family and Community Engagement. Over the years, it has
become evident that collaboration between schools and their respective communities is a key factor in the success of our students and families. Continual efforts to establish strong partnerships with our various community members has definitely contributed to the overall success of our school and our school district.

This year, our longstanding community partners have remained resilient and have continued to ”Partner with a Purpose” by volunteering their time and resources to the staff, students, and community of N.R. Burger Middle School. They have been our strong, dependable supporters for years. We have also formed
relationships with some new community partners who have joined in the effort to promote the expectations for our school environment. Moreover, several Burger parents have enthusiastically donated various items and sponsored events for our staff and students. At N.R. Burger, we are always striving to maintain academic proficiency and social responsibility among our students. Additionally, focus on our Positive Behavior Incentive System (PBIS) is critical to the attainment of our goals. PBIS is designed to promote and
encourage positive trends in academics, behavior, and attendance. We continue to utilize PBIS to encourage student attendance, ideal academic performance, and suitable student behavior. The presence
and financial contributions from our community partners supports our desire to achieve and maintain the following:
1) Academic Proficiency - maintain the number of students who are meeting and/or exceeding academic
2.) Social Responsibility - maintain good attendance-average daily attendance (ADA) among students;
maintain appropriate behavior demonstrated by students (decrease office referrals)