N.R. Burger Middle School Parent Student Teacher Association, Target and Dollar General Store – Reading Through the Arts

N.R. Burger Middle School PTSA collaborated with Target and Dollar General for an Arts/Culture Grant to promote and enhance reading. Target and Dollar General awarded the PTSA a total of $5,000 to implement a Reading Through the Arts project.

The PTSA collaborated with the language arts and art teachers to facilitate a reading project in which students choose age-appropriate literature and create art and a short summary to describe the literature they read. Students were instructed to create artwork (e.g., drawings, paintings, poems) and write a summary that would encourage other students to read their project book. The project was developed to encourage students to read, comprehend, and express literary works through art.

The PTSA assisted in the project by providing age-appropriate books and art materials to students and English classes for the project. Also, parents and the community were encouraged to engage students in reading. The PTSA sponsored Reading Through the Arts Exhibit Night for students, parents, and the school community to hear students present their own literary pieces.

Duration of partnership: 1 year
15 volunteers
Impacts 648 students

Activities: Secured books for 6 English classes and donation from Books A Million. Held PTSA/Parent Reading Fair Workshop and organized after-school tutoring and assistance with Reading Fair projects. Sponsored Reading Through Arts Exhibit Night featuring work of 22 students and 3 teachers; work judged by Dollar General, community reps.

Results: Enhanced reading, comprehension skills. Generated over 450 Reading Fair display boards in 2010, an increase from 300 in 2009. Improvements in reading scores anticipated. Increase in parent participation for academic engagement. Projects presented to audience of 200, including parents, students, teachers and community leaders.