N.R. Burger Middle School – Power Partners

Partners: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity - Hattiesburg Chapter, Kendrick Parkman, Mississippi Fellowship of Christian Athletes - Pinebelt Chapter, Topher’s Restaurant, South Mississippi Rural Health Initiative, Hattiesburg Housing Authority, Retired Educators of Hattiesburg, NAACP - Hattiesburg Chapter, Kappa Alpha Psi – Hattiesburg Chapter, Innovative Designs & Engineering Services, House of the Lord, Concerned Men Group of Hattiesburg, Wright Medical, Smile Design Orthodontics, Terrance Taylor, Milan & Stephanie Hoze, Dr. Carolyn Eubanks, University of Southern Mississippi - Department of Curriculum and Instruction, HPSD Foundation, Lashaun Floyd, Jawanda Grant, Jalarna Grant, James Howard, Mitchell Williams, Mr. Minor and Mrs. Hilda Harwell

Students impacted: 556
Partnership duration: 1-6 years

The “Power Partners” collaborative involves students, staff, and community in activities and initiatives to promote schoolwide academic proficiency and social responsibility. Its strategy entails the purposeful assignment of partners, sponsors, and mentors to work closely with specific teams/pods, teacher teams, student clubs/organizations to increase the number of students meeting and exceeding academic expectations; to improve average daily attendance; and to lower office referrals.  


• Power Partners-Building Walks & Pep Talks

• Well-attended P-16 family & community council meetings

• Incentives to support school-wide PBIS for students

• Hattiesburg Housing Authority “Community Caravans”

• House of the Lord’s Back to School Gear Up for Education

• USM Department of Curriculum and Instruction to improve teacher preparation


• Accountability rating rose from 341 to 353, only 24 points from a B rating

• ADA rose from 93.59% (2015-2016) to 95.3% (2017-2018)

• 85% of student body had zero disciplinary referrals; over 96% had fewer than 3 disciplinary referrals (2017-18)