Neshoba County School District (2023)

With the demanding needs of workforce in our area as well as always wanting to equip our students with not only a high school diploma, but industry credentials, the Neshoba County ASPIRE program was created. With this program, the NCSD partnered with various business and industry leaders as well as our local Community Development Partnership to bring opportunity and job experiences for our students. With this partnership, we feel that we are equipping our students with the knowledge of lifelong skills that will not only benefit them professionally, but benefit the needs of our community as well. Every day words that our school district and community live by are One Community, One Mission, One Neshoba, and that is just what we have done with this partnership. Through extensive discussions, planning, design, and implementation the students of Neshoba Central High School are graduating with not only a high school diploma, but the students have earned industry experiences as well as national industry certifications. Juniors and Seniors at Neshoba Central High School are involved in apprenticeships to help them gain the experience and knowledge to become successful after high school graduation. With this partnership. Students are able to apply what they are learning and making a large impact on our community.