North Jackson Elementary (JPS)

Partner: Pepsi/Brown Bottling Group 

Students impacted: 78
Duration of partnership: 35 years

Although Brown Bottling Group works with all students throughout the year, the focus for this project was to increase the average percent correct on the 5th grade math benchmark exam by at least 5%. The “Top 3 Go and See” project was designed to give students a better understanding of test scores, goals to strive for, and support through extra instruction and incentives. The Top 3 students demonstrating good attendance, positive behavior and course performance visited Brown’s facility in Brandon to see connections between school performance and occupations in the community.


• Brown Bottling’s HR director, Abbe Truman, tutored 5th graders in math

• Small-group learning sessions helped students focus on preparing for assessments

• Incentives and mini-competitions helped engage and motivate students


• Exceeded goal to improve 5th grade math scores. Original target was to increase scores from 22% correct to 30% correct. End result: 31% correct.

• Each 5th grade class averaged percent correct increases of at least 5 points.

• 2% increase in 5th grade math proficiency