Obama Magnet School (Jackson Public Schools)

Obama Magnet School (Jackson Public Schools) with multiple community partners. This project improves the overall health and wellness of the students.

The Obama Magnet Playground Project was initiated in the fall of 2018 when concern was expressed regarding student health, and the condition / safety of existing equipment and play areas at the school. Phase I was completed in the summer of 2019 and included the installation of a 6 seat swing-set, basketball goal, tetherball pole, storage unit, landscaping and renovations to the playground blacktop area. The cost to complete Phase I was sponsored by Trustmark, Jack and Jill Foundation, Selby and Richard McRae Foundation, Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation, Junior League of Jackson, Jackson Public Schools, Obama Magnet PTA, Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi, BankPlus and Entergy. Trustmark employees also volunteered labor for the demolition and removal of the old existing equipment and enhanced the student garden adjacent to the playground space. The school health council is working collaboratively with The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi to develop activities to make the best use of the new equipment and blacktop area. A playground handbook was developed and distributed, and students were provided an orientation on how to use the new equipment. The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi is scheduled to conduct a student fitness assessment and calculate Body Mass Index.