Thames Elementary School (Hattiesburg Public Schools)

Thames Elementary School (Hattiesburg Public School District) with Robert St. John and The New South Restaurant Group Community Council. Partnership to improve school culture and foster both academic excellence and ethics.

Thames Elementary School partners with Robert St. John and The New South Restaurant Group’s Community Council to improve school culture. The partnership began with a “Back to School” uniform drive at Ed’s Burgers which resulted in dozens of donated uniforms as well as money. The restaurant also donated 10% of weekly sales during the month of August to Thames Elementary. To boost teacher morale, the New South Restaurant Group provides meals to teachers as rewards. Employees also provide on-site tutoring services and assistance with student celebrations. Currently, 15-20 volunteers a week participate in classroom tutoring and reading programs.

This partnership is improving social and academic outcomes as well as exposing students to more diverse learning opportunities and to community resources. The partnership with The New South Restaurant Group has created a more positive atmosphere at the school and helped build relationships between the school and the community.