Amory School District and Dalrymple Family Foundation

For nearly 114 years the Dalrymple Family Foundation in Amory has supported the Amory School District. From the first trees milled to provide lighting to play football at the high school during the Depression to the gifted buildings of today, the DFF is impacting Amory schools and student academic performance.

Dalrymple family members have served as school board members spanning three generations. Mr. Arch Dalrymple Sr. served as the first school board president for the Amory School District. Mr. Arch Dalrymple III has impacted student learning at both the local and state levels. He first served as Amory School Board President from 1966-76 and later served as the first president of the Mississippi School Board Association from 1971-73.

The partnership between the Dalrymple Family Foundation and the district is a rare and lasting community partnership that has spurred many projects and has required an ongoing commitment of time from its members. Such projects have addressed the academic needs for Amory students, professional development for teachers and enrichment opportunities for the community as a whole. This commitment has broadened the Coordinated School Health Program and responded to the health needs of students, faculty and staff in the district. The Dalrymple Family Foundation has provided much needed space for a growing school district and has allowed a district with limited funding to continue to grow and meets the needs of its students, parents, faculty, staff and the community.

The financial contributions of the Dalrymple Family Foundation have exceeded $500,000 and this is significant. But the dedication of this family to come alongside the Amory School District for such a long period of time to address the needs of the district is priceless. The persistent and ongoing relationship and the eagerness to partner to help address a variety of needs for the district cannot be matched.

Duration of partnership: 114 years
+14 volunteers
Impacts 1,885 students

Activities: Foundation donated building to be used as central office. Building, furnishings and land estimated at $250,000. Foundation launched and expanded the Coordinated School Health Program by partnering with other local school groups to provide a part-time school nurse, establish Medicaid clinics at school sites and expand health-education activities at all schools. More recently the Foundation donated a building to the district to be used for a family enrichment and adult-learning center. Building and land are valued at $250,000.

Results: Total donations of $500,000 to district. Central office used for school board meetings; creates professional environment. Coordinated School Health Program has resulted in student-nurse ratio of 600:1, which is well within proposed ratio set forth in the national model. Amory Middle School named one of the top 10 healthiest schools in the nation by Health Magazine (2008). Foundation provided automated external defibrillators to all schools in district. Amory Learning Center offers academic and life-enrichment programs to teachers and students and broadens connection between parental involvement and student achievement. Center offers GED prep classes.