Chastain Middle School - Pandemic Partnership Response

Equity in education necessitates a growth mindset – we can, we must, we will….

But first we must develop relevant relationships with stakeholders so that excellence become the positive culture of our schools, our districts, and our communities. The core values of Jackson Public Schools are relevant to the partnerships that Chastain Middle School has developed with Christ United Methodist Church, Redeemer Church, and Eaton Aerospace. These partnerships have afforded Chastain’s teachers and scholars opportunities designed to promote literacy to both virtual and hybrid learners during this COVID pandemic.

Currently, Chastain is a Comprehensive School Improvement Site rated letter grade D. With that being said, the primary goal is to promote literacy. Jackson Public School District elected to provide only virtual learning to all scholars August through December; therefore, our partners donated supports to our virtual platform.

The second goal is to provide Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs designed to promote scholars’ social emotional skills and positive attitudes; which may lead to increase in academic performance. Christ United Methodist Church, Redeemer Church, and Eaton Aerospace serve as advocates to literacy by providing tools: instructional materials and supplies, technology supports, and incentives for behavior, attendance, and course performance, designed to impact scholars’ performance.

Community Partners:
Redeemer Church, Christ United Methodist Church, Eaton Aerospace