Clinton School District and The Bower Foundation and Mississippi Department of Education

Duration of partnership: 1 year
Impacts 2,500 students

The Bower Foundation and the Mississippi Department of Education launched a new campaign, "Move to Learn," to help teachers incorporate physical activity into lesson plans, in collaboration with the Clinton Public School District. The Move to Learn campaign is based on two Mississippi academic studies that show a correlation between increased fitness and improved test scores, as well as fewer absences and fewer disciplinary incidents at school. The Clinton Public School District has played an integral role in the development and implementation of Move to Learn, with health and wellness of students and staff as one of the district's top five strategic plan goals.
In the early stages of the program, there are measurements that show enthusiastic interest in Move to Learn. As of January 18th, the Move to Learn Web site had received more than 4,000 visits, and the campaign has 1,042 Facebook followers and 56 Pinterest followers. Also, the school district's Move to Learn page has received more than 10,000 page views for the school year, and the Key Communicator Network e-newsletter is e-mailed weekly to more than 1,900 subscribers.