Earl Travillion Attendance Center (Forrest County School District) and PineBelt360, William Carey University, Impact Education, School Status, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

Students impacted: 310
Volunteers: 12
Duration of partnership: 1 year

Pinebelt360, a faith-based organization, provided over 120 volunteers for a school-beautification project, helps mentor and tutor students, and has been instrumental in building school partnerships throughout the community. William Carey University provides free access to after-school tutoring services. Impact Education provides leadership support to the principal and leadership team throughout the school year. School Status analyzes data at no cost to the school or district and led a professional development session at the start of the school year for teachers. This analysis tool has been instrumental in helping teachers make data-driven decisions that reinforce the school’s vision. 


  • "Shine Events" focus on campus revitalization and partnership-recruitment
  • Professional development
  • Leadership support
  • Free online services to access data (discipline, state assessments, district-wide assessments, attendance, and student information).


  • Increased number of volunteers
  • Increased number of student teachers
  • Increased number of practicum students in math classrooms
  • More effective use and application of school data