F.B. Woodley Elementary School (Hattiesburg Public Schools)

F.B. Woodley Elementary School (Hattiesburg Public School District) with Parkway Heights United Methodist Church, Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi, and Mississippi State University Extension Service. Improving the health of students plus building confidence and character.

Woodley and its partners work tirelessly to counterbalance one of the chief contributing factors to academic suffering that often accompanies poverty - hunger. At Woodley, the entire student body receives both breakfast and lunches for free; however, through the partnership with Parkway Heights, Woodley is able to take a preemptive step forward with the “Beyond the Lunch Table” weekly food program. This program provides 55 underprivileged students with packaged meals to help sustain them over the weekends or long holiday breaks.

SNAP-Ed takes our commitment to our students’ nutritional needs just a step further by cultivating students’ perception of beneficial eating. Monthly lessons teach students the benefits of making healthy and wise food choices. Bullying and low self-esteem are additional issues which can interfere with the academic success of a students. The Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi’s school and community partnership address character development. By meeting the physical and emotional needs of Woodley students, these partnerships keep students well equipped and ready to learn.