George Elementary (Jackson) and Colonial Heights Baptist Church, Fondren Presbyterian Church and Hinds County Sheriff‘s Department

60+ collective years
300 vol
Impacts 210 students

Breaking News!  George Elementary School has 
P. – Passionate
A. Adopters Attaining and
S.  Sustaining
S.  - Student Success
It goes without saying, only heaven knows of all the ways our adopters touch all of the lives here at George Elementary School and the surrounding Battlefield Park Community. With a deliberate strategic plan, Colonial Heights Baptist Church, Fondren Presbyterian Church, the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department and George Elementary School work collaboratively on several projects to academically inspire, motivate, and build student morale which guides and presses them towards the high mark of high academic excellence.
One of our most notable projects is known as the  “Dove Tree.” This project provides at least 90  needy families with Christmas gifts. During the Christmas season, many families are not as fortunate as others. Many are without the joys and bountiful experiences of Christmas. Recognizing this, our adopters step right in. Students are selected based on the needs of the family, and parents are contacted regarding this project. Each year, students must complete wish list forms from each church. Once students have completed the wish list forms, they are forwarded to the adopters. Our passionate adopters select a family and purchase all items on the wish list. Gifts are wrapped beautifully and delivered to the school the first Monday leading into the holidays. Parents are contacted to come to the school and pick up the Dove Tree items. There are smiles of joy and delight, sighs of relief, and moments of bliss to truly be captured by parents and adopters.
STAR-SCHOOL PARADE to celebrate STAR school rating; Men Empowering Boys’ Breakfast and Women Empowering Girls’ Breakfast; Reading Is Not A Trick, It’s A Treat Day; Dr. Seuss Day
George has made major gains once again showing outstanding academic excellence in Language Arts scores for grades 3-5. For the 2011-2012 school year, George received the highest ratings in the Jackson Public School District and was designated a “Star School.”