Hattiesburg High School

Partner: Venue Church

Students impacted: 500
Volunteers: 25
Partnership duration: 2 years

With a goal to increase community collaboration, Hattiesburg High School connected with Venue Church, which has provided great community support to students and has our school’s best interest at heart. Hattiesburg High School has approximately 1,090 students and Venue has hundreds of members. Therefore, Venue Church’s impact on HHS through their support is immeasurable. Venue wants to see HHS succeed!

  • Uniform drive and supply drive for needy students
  • Volunteer hall monitors during state testing
  • Catered lunch for teachers
  • Inspirational adviser for championship football team
  • Nearly 500 students made A & B honor roll first 9 weeks
  • Nearly 450 students made A & B honor roll second 9 weeks