Hattiesburg High School - Programs to enhance student achievement, health and fitness, and overall student performance

Partner: Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Initiative 

Students impacted: 1,090
Volunteers: 20
Partnership duration: 12 years 

Over the course of this partnership, Hattiesburg High and SeMRHI have worked together to enhance student achievement, health, fitness, and overall student performance. SeMRHI provides primary and preventative physical health services at school- and community-based clinics, with a clinic recently established at Burger Middle School. In 2016, SeMRHI added mental and behavioral services to the Hattiesburg High and Burger Middle clinics and the Hattiesburg High Community Clinic. During the 2015-2016 school year, SeMRHI providers served 11,305 students seeking treatment for illnesses or student physicals.


  • Immunization fairs
  • National Health Center Week celebration
  • Free medical screenings for parents


  • Early detection and treatment for diabetes, asthma, cold, flu, etc.
  • Parents/guardians don't have to miss work to take students to doctors
  • Clinics expand healthcare access to low-income families