Hawkins Elementary (Hattiesburg Public School District) and Neighbors @ Hawkins (a partnership through Ekklesia Ministries) - Programs to promote tutoring, mentoring, extracurricular activities and career development

Students impacted: 381
Volunteers: 15
Duration of partnership: 8 years

Neighbors @ Hawkins is a community-rooted program created by Ekklesia Hattiesburg Ministries. The program's mission is to help provide a quality education for all students by direct tutoring, volunteering and connecting financial resources to classroom needs. The Neighbors @ Hawkins program also has provided a full-time Program Coordinator to work at Hawkins to coordinate volunteer efforts and partnered with America Reads Mississippi to hire four full-time AmeriCorps tutors.


  • Partnership programs supported by 30 regular volunteers, 15 active student mentors and four active church partnerships.
  • Small-group after-school tutoring for students
  • Mentoring, book reading, tutoring, assisting with assignments.
  • Volunteers help teachers by filing papers, decorating bulletin boards, making copies.
  • Support for fall festival, school dances, field day, summer camp, honor roll recognition


  • Decrease in students reading below grade level based on mid-year data.
  • Several students moved from basic to proficiency range based on NWEA data
  • Increase in student scores in areas where providers have served: 30 percent of students in third grade advanced on NWEA in Language Arts and Mathematics.
  • In Language Arts, 22 fourth graders and 14 fifth graders showed significant gains.
  • In Mathematics, 28 fourth graders and 8 fifth graders showed significant gains.