Kemper County High School (2023)

Established 14 years ago, Kemper County's PACES Project proudly remains an all-volunteer, community-based program created to stimulate partnerships among the school district, community leaders, business leaders, parents and students. PACES Project is successfully executing concepts and processes designed to increase community awareness of the value of higher education, thereby improving the likelihood that graduates of the community high school will pursue higher education or career-training opportunities.

Students impacted: 4,000 in 14 years
Volunteers: 12 on PACES Board, 80 other partnerships volunteers
Partnership duration: 14 years

• College campus visits, Business and Industry Education (BIE) visits, and state capitol visit during time PACES sponsored students are serving as Legislative Pages
• Academic achievement recognition programs and banquet
• PACES Reality Store event for 8 and 9th graders
• Conduct Choices and Consequences Seminar for all 9th graders
• Coordinate Financial Awareness Workshop for all Seniors
• Scholarships for Technology Summer Camp for juniors and seniors
• Partner with United Way to provide Kemper County Stuff the Bus school supplies drive
• Coordinated Community service projects in support of the good of the public.

• Graduation rate has risen from less than 68% when PACES Project began to 96.4%
• Increased interest in STEM and non-college degree career educational opportunities
• Average ACT score for seniors participating in PACES has increased each year