Madison County School

During the summer months of 2020 as anxiety began to rise in the community concerning the pandemic and return to school, we deepened our partnership with Canopy Children’s Solutions to supply students and parents with social and emotional wellness tools. Tammy Amis with Canopy served on our Covid-19 Community Taskforce and provided guidance for what resources were available and what types of support families may need.

From there, Madison County Schools’ behavioral specialists, counselors, and professional development team members met remotely with Canopy staff members to develop new resources and publications to assist our families. From those discussions emerged the idea for a weekly social and emotional newsletter, to be distributed digitally and in print. Daily social media posts with inspirational messages or helpful tips tied to the newsletter content directed followers to read the newsletter and learn more.

Canopy produced videos directed towards school age children and their parents, and our District linked to those productions. Our newsletters also directed readers to find more resources through Canopy. The newsletters were distributed digitally on our District and school websites, via District and school-level social media channels, and the District phone application. We also printed copies to share with those picking up nearly 20,000 meal packs in the month of August and several thousand in the final weeks of July. In a partnership with the Madison County Library System, we supplied printed social and emotional wellness newsletters to include in their summertime book pack giveaways, reaching hundreds more children and families.

The goals of this partnership align with the overall strategic plan goals for our district, including collaboration with the community and strengthening school culture. Through improved social and emotional wellness, students should also see an increase in academic achievement, which is another key strategic goal of the district. Assisting children and families with managing the social and emotional difficulties of the pandemic served to fulfill the goal of this specific project and the wider goals of the Madison County School District.

Community Partners:
Canopy Children's Solutions, Madison County Library System