Milam Elementary School

Each year Milam offers many extracurricular activities or programs of which students can participate. One of our most fulfilling programs in Kiwanis K-Kids. This program affords students the opportunity to partner with the Tupelo Kiwanis Club, a local organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time. Kiwanis focuses on teaching young children about the responsibilities of good citizenship, community service and building future leaders through a project titled K-Kids.

Furthermore, K-Kids is a student-led community service organization that operates under school regulations and draws its members from local student bodies. The Tupelo Kiwanis Club, composed of like-minded, service-oriented people from the community, serves as the club’s sponsor. Therefore, under the direction of our K-Kids sponsor, Mr. Travis Beard and our advisers, Rhonda Morgan and Tamekia White our K-Kids youth group independently initiates service projects and community service activities throughout the school year. K-Kids’ sponsors work with the advisers to coordinate the Kiwanis’s members participation in K-Kids’s activities and service projects or have them work with us on major service programs and fundraisers.

Overall, K-Kids is a student-led organization which provides our students with opportunities to perform service, build character and develop leadership. Through their participation, Milam’s students are afforded multiple opportunities for working together in service to school and community, to develop leadership potential, to foster the development of strong moral character, and to encourage loyalty to school, community, and nation.

Community Partners:
Tupelo Kiwanis Club