Milam Elementary School (Tupelo Public Schools)

Milam Elementary School (Tupelo Public Schools) with Circadence Corporation and MS National Guard introduces computer science as a career opportunity, and increases technology and cyber knowledge.

Volunteers from community partners planned a “CyberDay” that highlighted the need for computer science careers covering the areas of ingenuity, invention, maintenance, and cybersecurity. The goal of CyberDay was to make all Milam students aware of computer science career opportunities in the civil and military sectors. Students who show a strong interest in computer science have an opportunity to join the Cyber Ninja Club offering hands-on opportunities in computer programming, networking, cybersecurity,etc.

All Milam students participated in the “CyberDay” presentations and had an opportunity for students to join the Cyber Ninja club sponsored by Circadence. CyberDay provided students with real-world relevant examples of the use of math and science applied toward a future profession and introduced students to the idea that they could be producers of technology not just consumers.