Northwest Rankin High School and Flowood Chamber of Commerce, numerous community business representatives - Programs to increase college and career readiness.

Students impacted: 4,000+
Volunteers: 179
Duration of partnership: 2 years

“Inspiring Learners and Developing Leaders” to be college and career ready is the daily game plan at Northwest Rankin High
School. Administration and faculty alike understand the importance of preparing students of today to be successful in the community of tomorrow. This intentional focus is the motivating factor behind the Education Committee. Developed two years ago, it strives to join the forces of community representatives and all educational institutions in the Flowood area, with the Flowood Chamber acting as the keystone partner.


  • Business in the Classroom presentations by 178+ business professionals
  • Connect 4 Success Mentoring Program to help at-risk, disengaged students become motivated and successful
  • Black and Gold Fridays program championed by reservoir area K-12 schools and Flowood Chamber to build community pride among families, patrons, businesses, schools.


  • Expanded Business in the Classroom initiative to include all schools in the Northwest zone.
  • Black and Gold Fridays is supported by 81 community businesses partners.