South Delta School District with University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing

South Delta School District

Partners: University of Mississippi School of Nursing, Sharkey-Issaquena Health Network, Cary Christian Center, Mississippi SHINE Project, Mississippi Food Network, Sharkey-Issaquena Community Hospital, UMMC Center for Telehealth, UMMC Department of Dermatology, UMMC Department of Pediatrics, UMMC Department of Pediatric Infectious Disease, Mississippi State Department of Health

Students impacted: 820
Volunteers: 250+
Duration of partnership: 8 years

Sharkey and Issaquena counties are both health professional shortage areas, and there are no pediatricians in either county. The MDEP project meets the needs of the whole person by providing an accessible source of primary healthcare, health education, and various other basic necessities to the children, faculty, and staff of South Delta Elementary, South Delta Middle School, and South Delta High School.


  • Annual student health screenings
  • Personal hygiene and healthy lifestyle classes
  • Creating Opportunities for Personal Empowerment program
  • Southern Remedy Health Program certifications

  • Treatments administered for illnesses, injuries
  • Numerous referrals made for medical exams
  • Potentially life-threatening conditions diagnosed and treated