Partnership Excellence Awards

Partnership Excellence Awards

  • Chastain Middle School (Jackson Public Schools)

    Eaton offers Chastain students tours of their facility and exposure to a variety of careers, transportation for students to visit colleges and universities, snacks during state assessments, end of the year trips for students, judges for school reading fair projects, trophies for student recognition, appreciation lunch for teachers, and funds to update equipment. 
  • Milam Elementary School (Tupelo Public Schools)

    All Milam students participated in the “CyberDay” presentations and had an opportunity for students to join the Cyber Ninja club sponsored by Circadence. CyberDay provided students with real-world relevant examples of the use of math and science applied toward a future profession and introduced students to the idea that they could be producers of technology not just consumers.
  • Milam Elementary School (Tupelo Public Schools)

    Approximately 15% of the students at Milam participate in the leadership program.
  • Lillie Burney STEAM Academy (Hattiesburg Public Schools)

    Community partners have gained a better understanding that it takes all of us: school, parents, and community to provide quality education for students.
  • Hawkins Elementary (Hattiesburg Public Schools)

    St. Paul Methodist Church impacts Hawkins Elementary students by decreasing barriers to success, increasing teacher efficacy, rewarding positive student behavior, and enhancing the overall growth of the school.
  • F.B. Woodley Elementary School (Hattiesburg Public Schools)

    F.B. Woodley Elementary School (Hattiesburg Public School District) with Parkway Heights United Methodist Church, Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi, and Mississippi State University Extension Service. Improving the health of students plus buildin...